How to add customer attribute in Magento 2

How to add customer attribute in Magento 2

Are you using Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce) as your eCommerce platform and wondering how to add customer attributes to your store? This guide will walk you through the steps to add a new customer attribute in Magento 2.

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Step 1: Create a new customer attribute

To add a new customer attribute in Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce), you need to navigate to the admin panel and select “Stores” from the menu. From there, select “Attributes” and then “Customer”. Click on “Add New Attribute” to create a new customer attribute.

Step 2: Fill in the attribute details

Once you have clicked on “Add New Attribute”, you will be prompted to fill in the attribute details. These include the attribute code, the attribute label, and the attribute type. The attribute code is a unique identifier for the attribute, so choose a code that is easy to remember and relevant to the attribute you are creating.

The attribute label is what the customer will see on the frontend of your website, so choose a label that accurately describes the attribute. The attribute type determines the format of the attribute, such as text, dropdown, or yes/no.

Step 3: Set the attribute properties

After filling in the attribute details, you need to set the attribute properties. These include the input validation, the default value, and the values allowed for the attribute. You can also set the attribute to be required or not, depending on your preferences.

Step 4: Save the attribute

Once you have filled in all the necessary details and set the attribute properties, you can save the attribute. Click on “Save Attribute” to save the attribute and add it to your customer attribute list.

Step 5: Assign the attribute to a customer group

To make the attribute visible to your customers, you need to assign it to a customer group. To do this, navigate to “Customers” in the admin panel and select “Customer Groups”. From there, select the customer group you want to assign the attribute to and click on “Edit”. Scroll down to the “Custom Customer Attributes” section and select the attribute you just created.

Step 6: Check the attribute on the frontend

Finally, you need to check that the attribute is visible on the frontend of your website. To do this, log in to your website as a customer and navigate to the customer account page. You should see the new attribute listed under the customer information section.

In conclusion, adding a new customer attribute in Magento 2 is a simple process that can help you collect important information about your customers. By following these six steps, you can easily create and assign a new attribute to a customer group, and make it visible on the frontend of your website. Happy selling!

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