Why Choose Magento2 For E-commerce Development

Magento 2 is a PHP-based open source platform for website owners and offer them to manage and update to their stores. There are several other platforms but Magento is one of the best CMS. It has such flexibility to customise the checkout page as well. The new platform empowers brands, retailers, and businesses across B2C and B2B industries to quickly and cost-effectively deliver engaging omnichannel shopping experiences.

Magento was built as the most flexible platform. Magento offers several pre-made extensions and lots of extension available in Magento marketplace. The platform has high level of usability and customization compared to other e-commerce platforms.

According to reports, 250,000+ merchants around the globe choose Magento as their e-commerce platform. There is a lot of ECommerce growth in 2017-18 with Magento 2, which shows that how much Magento 2 advantages are there. 

From the store owner’s perspectives

Easy to use

Magento 2 provides a great admin panel that can be used easily. Magento stores all the information in the backend that can be altered without the requirement of the developer. Magento has a good user manual for store owner through they can handle the store easily. Magento allows you to manage order, products, customers, reports, coupon codes. It offers a centralised place to manage all store configurations.

SEO Optimization Capability

As a store owner you always wish to do SEO on your site. Magento has in-built capability to make the store SEO friendly. Magento offers in-built SEO configuration like title, user friendly url, meta description etc for category and products. Magento provides Google analytics feature for your store.

Reporting & Analytics

Magento has built-in support for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager that business owner can keep a tab on the performance of their e-Commerce websites. They can identify and fix impediments linked with the Internet visibility, website traffic, and user-engagement.

Multiple Languages & Currencies

With a reliable Magento 2 e-Commerce website development solution, businesses can extend their market reach to any territories irrespective of the barriers involving disparity in terms of language, currency, or tax calculation.

From the user’s perspectives

Mobile Responsive

Magento is very robust in every aspect. With the new trend Magneto updated itself. The version of Magneto is mobile responsive. Magento 2 development provides cross-platform compatibility with cross- browser compatibility and device form agnostic compatibility. With your Magento 2 website, you can target both E-Commerce and M-Commerce markets.


You can quickly build User friendly Ecommerce Store With Magento 2 which provides 20% more speed as compared to Magento 1.x. Speed is the primary requirement that user wants from a website thus by having a feature to increase the performance Magento 2 is the most favorite platform used by many eCommerce store developers all over the world.

Customer friendly

For a website its accessibility is major factor. If you site is user-friendly it will increase your conversion race. Because if the visitor finds it difficult to navigate through your website or perform the checkout process, you are more likely to lose on business. Magento 2 supports all major payment methods like PayPal, Brain-tree, cyber source, cash on delivery etc.

Smooth Checkout

Magento 2 has improved its checkout process. The checkout process is 38% faster compared to Magento 1 checkout process. This help in cutting down the shopping cart abandonment rate and increased the conversion rate.

From the developer’s perspectives

Open source

Magento is available as community edition and enterprise edition. Magento 2 is open source and its community edition is free. For community edition several free Magento 2 extension are available developed by community members. It is easy to create a module in Magento with very less efforts.

Easy integration

Integration of third party extension or theme can be done easily in Magento 2 thus it take less time in installing and configuring the store. Apart from module it is easy to implement custom payment gateway or shipping method as well.


Magento has improved itself in several areas. Magento 2 is now more secure than previous versions because it has changed its directory structure. Now, it has removed skin folder from the root directory, so it has only 5 folders in root directory against 9 in the previous version.

Moreover, it has created a new directory as “Pub” and shifted folders like JS, SKIN, ERROR, etc., from root directory into it. Thus, it has made tough to steal or hack codes directly from the root directory for mischievous elements on the web.


The latest version of Magento has the capability to grow your business. It is enhancing in itself, increasing security features, introducing new technology like PWA, GraphQL etc.  It’s fast with a streamlined checkout process to increase conversions and encourage repeat customers. 

If you choose Magento 2 for your eCommerce website development, you must have an excellent team of Magento eCommerce developers to explore the hidden treasures of Magento 2 for you. Happy selling!

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