The 3 Best eCommerce websites (2024)

The 3 Best eCommerce Websites (2024)

In today’s time every businessman is shifting their offline business to online store. If you are new or want to switch another ecommerce store but you don’t know where to start, which platform is best in terms of security, SEO, performance, payment gateways etc. If you these questions in your mind then don’t worry, you are in right place because today in this blog we’ll talk about 3 best ecommerce websites and at the end of the blog you will understand which platform fits best for your Business.

Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce)

Adobe Commerce popularly known as Magento 2. It is a very popular e-commerce platform among business owners. Being open source, Magento gives you a cutomizable through themes and extensions. It is scalable because it can handle heavy traffic on store. Many popular businesses uses Magento 2 as their ecommerce store. Many medium and large business using Magento 2 for its scalability and features. Adobe Commerce has a huge extension library and an active community to help. The development process is very hard to setup, it requires highly skilled developers. Let’s talk about the features


Catalog Management: Magento 2 provides a flexible and cutomizable product catalog management system. This will help to manage catalog as per customers need. It allows you to create and manage unlimited number of products. Also you can track your products stock level.
Catalog Browsing: It helps to browse through your products, customers can easily navigate to your products. This feature allows your customers to discover products and compare with other products, this will help to make informed decision.
Payment Gateway: Magento 2 have multiple payment gateway options where a user can select desired payment gateway according to their business needs. It gives secure payment processing.
Checkout: It gives you a wide range of checkout features like one step checkout, guest checkout it gives a better convenient shopping experience to the customers.
Customer account: Magento provides powerful customer account management. These feature enhance customer experience. There is a separate dashboard for customers in which they can store multiple shipping and multiple addresses, product reviews and ratings, create multiple wishlist, newsletter subscription and much more.
Marketing and conversion tools: This feature allows you to track daily activities like orders, sales, clicks etc. It will help you to track your products how it performs and take necessary steps on it. 

Pricing and Security

Magento 2 is an open source platform and it is free to download from its website. Magento 2 have many security features such as two factor authentication, admin panel security, restrict access by IP address etc.


Bagisto is also a another rival in ecommerce industry because of its performance, security and speed optimization. Bagisto is an laravel opensource platform, and it is created by webkul. More than 500+ stores running worldwide. The store owners are very satisfied because of its performance, SEO, multi channel and much more. It requires a technical knowledge of laravel for development process. If you are new or want to switch from other CMS to bagisto hire our developers to develop your website.


  1. Dashboard report: Admins can see the reports of sales, orders and customers directly from the dashboard. 
  2. Multiple channel: Connect your store to the marketplace were multiple vendors can sell their products on your store. It will help buyers to buy products from multiple vendors in one place.
  3. Product SEO: Admins can add title, description, keywords and much more. It will helps to appear on top of google search engine result pages.
  4. Mega search: It is use for admins they can search products, orders, categories, and customers.
  5. Access control level: Create multiple access level for a ecommerce store as an admin or staff to assign different roles for daily basis tasks.


Bagisto is a open source platform built on laravel framework. It is freely available on Bagisto website, anyone can download and install it on server but it requires extensive technical knowledge or hire a developer. 


Many big companies using shopify as their ecommerce store. Shopify is also best from Security perspective, SEO friendly and setting up shopify is very easy and doesn’t require any technical knowledge you just have to purchase a plan and select a theme, add your products, set up payment gateway and you are ready to sell.  If you are new to shopify and you don’t want to do it yourself, so don’t worry we’ve got you hire our developers will help you from purchasing to setup everything.


  1. Online Store editor: Users can edit pages as they want, like if you don’t like some elements in in homepage you can delete them or replace it with other. It is easy to use without require any designing skills.
  2. Search engine optimization tools (SEO): Shopify has SEO powers. As soon you make your store live your store will be index on Google SERPs. It will make your store visible on Google SERPs & boost your store performance and generate more sales.
  3. Shopify Dropshipping: Dropshipping is a business model in which companies have to buy products from the suppliers and products will be delivered direct to customer without maintaining a warehouse. Companies need to pay to suppliers for the product and can control the price they show to the customer.
  4. Shopify Analytics: Users can see the analytics of the store, where they can see the metrics of total visitor on website, orders, sales, total clicks, impressions, click through rate (CTR) on the dashboard. This is very useful to track each and every sales, orders, returning customers etc.
  5. Abandoned cart reminders: Many peoples come to the store, they add products to the cart and then leave the store, this will be a major issue causing decline in sales. So, in shopify a admin can make abandoned cart reminders, as the customer leaves the store shopify frequently send emails to the customer as a reminder.
  6. Faster loading time: Shopify is a cloud based service, shopify store loads faster than normal website. Shopify maintains a world class infrastructure.

Pricing and Security

Now let’s talk about the pricing and security of shopify. Shopify has three pricing plans, monthly plans starting from $39 USD to $399 USD and yearly plan starts from $29 USD to $299 USD per month but shopify one more plan that will available only for 1 or 3 year plan term starting at $2,300 USD per month. If you are starter than go for shopify store and buy the basic plan, this plan is best for you to start your business online. Shopify gives you 24×7 live chat support that quickly solves your problem. 
In terms of security shopify is the best choice. shopify gives 256 bits SSL Certification to every website and is Level 1 PCI Compliant. These security parameters ensures the complete security of customer info, card details, mobile number etc.

Final Conclusion

We have discussed everything in this blog. If you are starting and have a small business then shopify and bagisto fits best for your business, and if you have medium and large business than Magento 2 would be the best for your business. Everything depends on your business type which ecommerce fits best for your business choice is yours. If you are stuck which ecommerce fits best and require any ecommerce development related services contact us without hesitation.
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