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Efficiently Manage Magento 2 Banner Slider on Your Storefront with the Banners Module

The Banners module offers a comprehensive solution for managing banners and slides on the storefront. With this module, administrators can effortlessly add an unlimited number of banners and slides, and easily manage them based on customer groups, store views, and dates. This functionality proves particularly useful for merchants who wish to add banners without relying on technical assistance. Notably, the module is highly user-friendly and can be effortlessly managed from the administrative backend.

The Banners module streamlines the administrative process by allowing the addition of banners and slides within the same page. Additionally, we have incorporated a custom widget that enables the display of any banner on any page. The slides/images under the banners can be managed based on customer groups, store views, or date ranges, providing the administrator with the ability to schedule slides for a specific time duration. It’s worth noting that the module features API support, allowing administrators to manage banners on the mobile app.

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Features of Magento 2 banner module

  1. Flexible banner management: The module enables the effortless addition of any number of banners from the administrative backend.
  2. Slide filtering: Administrators can filter each slide based on customer groups, dates, and stores, facilitating targeted marketing campaigns.
  3. Easy banner creation: The module allows for the seamless creation of banners from the backend.
  4. URL redirection: The module provides the ability to redirect users to a specific URL for each slide of a banner, thereby enhancing the user experience.
  5. Custom banner placement: Administrators can easily place banners on any page using a code snippet, ensuring optimal user engagement.
  6. API support: The module features REST APIs that enable administrators to manage banners from a mobile application or other third-party software.

In the end

In conclusion, the Magento 2 Banner module is a powerful tool for creating and managing banner ads on your e-commerce website.

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